Our all-vegan restaurant opened its doors on October 1, 2018, offering casual American fare to the Adirondack region of Upstate New York. In addition to the restaurant, we offer catering services as well.

Owner Tania Sharlow is originally from Potsdam, New York, and now a Queensbury mother with 15 years of experience in the food industry as a crew member-turned-manager at Dunkin Donuts. She had the idea to open up her own vegan eatery after four years of transitioning into a completely plant-based diet. Lacking a variety of satisfactory meat substitutes, she decided to make her own.

Our signature item is the Reuben, which is the sandwich that started Ms. Sharlow making her small-batch seitan, a vegan meat-free “meat” that is made with wheat gluten.

Ms. Sharlow became vegetarian to improve my health and soon afterward began learning about the devastation that the factory farming industry is causing to the Earth. She has always been concerned about the effects we have on the environment and after learning about the pain and torture that meat production causes, knew she couldn’t continue to put my hard earned money into it.

We have been warmly embraced by the like-minded community. So many people are thrilled to have an entire menu of items they can choose from. We created the kitchen from scratch, installing a hood and fire suppression system. The space also features tree-inspired seating, birch bark décor, and artwork by the owner’s 16-year-old daughter, Azalea Gardner.

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